Canada Centre for Inland Waters

The Canada Centre for Inland Waters is one of the world's leading water-research complexes dedicated to environmental research and development as well as monitoring, resource management and navigational charting.

It is Located on approximately 40 acres of filled land reaching into Hamilton Harbour; adjacent to the Burlington Skyway Bridge, this site is owned and Managed by Environment Canada, and is home to many leading-edge research departments and programs including the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans, National Water Research Institute, National Laboratory for Environmental Testing, the United Nations' Global Environmental Monitoring System as well as specialty programs dedicated to the Great Lakes, Meteorology and Wastewater Technology.

It is comprised of 110,000 square feet of laboratory and office space, supported by engineering research and development facilities. Facilities are provided for the production and maintenance of marine and technical equipment, as well as studies of the physical aspects of water, such as sediment transport, interface phenomena, wave dynamics and erosion. Also included on the site is a pilot plant for the study of water treatment processes. Common-use areas include a library, auditorium, data-processing centre, and photography department.

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