Fire and Emergency Services
Brampton A & M Drafting Pit

Completed in 2017, Brampton Apparatus and Maintenance Drafting Pit has a 45,000 litre capacity.
Address: 75 Rutherford Road, Brampton, ON
Client: The City of Brampton
The drafting pit as requested by Brampton Fire, was custom designed by KNYMH Inc. to perform pump testing and drafting training. The drafting pit is secured in a fenced area away from any truck or vehicular traffic. It allows room for one truck under a sheltered canopy as well as space to position a truck adjacent to it where it will not impede other operations on the site. The pit is constructed of reinforced concrete with a capacity of approximately 45,000 litres, two internal baffles, lockable access hatch, galvanized pipes and elbows.

Fire apparatus pump test pits can be constructed in a variety of ways, commonly as a precast unit or on site poured concrete. Brampton Fire requested a custom installation to meet their requirements for operation and training in order to ensure consistent pump testing with calculated water temperature, water turbulence as well as aerating the water to eliminate the pump to cause cavitation. The key design feature of any pump test pit is to provide a consistent source of water free from entrained air and turbulence. Features such as baffles or walls within the pit to separate the turbulent discharge section from the suction section are required to keep the suction area “quiet” were provided.

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