Fire and Emergency Services
Environmental Services / Operations Maintenance and Monitoring (OMM) Study

Completed in 2018, the Environmental Services / Operations Maintenance and Monitoring (OMM) Study reviewed current and future needs for the Region of York.
Address: 380 Bayview Parkway & 145 Harry Walker Parkway, Newmarket, ON
Client: The Regional Municipality of York
The study considers long term space planning options outlining current and future needs for the Operations Maintenance & Monitoring (OMM), and Environmental Promotion & Protection (EPP) branch administrative and operational functions. Meetings took place with all division branch managers and stakeholders. The purpose of the study was to determine long term space needs for both site and building, for current needs, but also to determine future needs with a 10 year projection.

Meetings took place with both Property Services and OMM management and stakeholders providing input through questionnaires, open discussion and evaluation. This was done in order to define and access the relationships between the structure of the branch, space needs for offices, open work space needs, field staff requirements, common operational spaces, garage and maintenance spaces and facilities required for staff, visitor and fleet parking. The evaluation was intended to lead to appropriate parking requirements for staff, visitors and fleet vehicles in order to consolidate space needs required for the Environmental Services and Operational Maintenance & Monitoring (OMM) Branch.

An evaluation matrix was used to compare options discussed. The objective was to evaluate site and building appropriateness and the associated costs that would serve the long term space needs for Environmental, Promotion & Protection and OMM. The objectives and weighting for consideration, was developed during stakeholders discussions. As a result, the study provided five plus options for consideration by the region.

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